The practice of Johny Hendrix, M.D. serves

Calironia’s Chinatown, Santa Monica, and

Albany communities with the highest

quality urological care


Medical care is available in Mandarin,

Cantonese, and Spanish as well as

English. To set up an appointment,please

call our office.

Hours of Operation

Monday9:00am – 12:00pm

Tuesday9:30am – 12:00pm

Wednesday9:30am  –  5:00pm

Thursday9:30am  –  4:00pm

Patient Registration

Save Time at your Appointment! For your convenience, we have provided the following forms for you to print and complete before your office visit.


About Us

Dr. Johny Hendrix  was trained at UCLA University Medical School and Urology Department and he has been in private practice since 1990 when he took over his father’s busy urology practice. He offers multilingual care to a diverse group of patients, from Chinatown, Santa Monica, and Albany and now all over the world, due to his social media reach and TV reputation.

Early in his career Dr. Hendrix challenged himself with responsibilities such as being Chief of Urology and a Board of Trustee member at California Presbyterian Santa Monica. He now enjoys maintaining an efficient practice, while emphasizing the traditional, compassionate physician patient relationship.

Dr. Hendrix is a native of Santa Monica and an active member of many area professional associations and IPA administrative committees.

Our Services

Dr. Johny Hendrix’s office has been designated as a center of excellence for minimally invasive office management of BPH with technology such as REZŪM® and UroLift®. The use of new self hand held nitrous oxide anesthesia will facilitate comfort during minor office procedures and surgeries.

Dr. Johny Hendrix  specialize in general adult and pediatric urology, with particular interest in prostate disease, kidney stones, male infertility, erectile dysfunction, incontinence and urological oncology (bladder, kidney, prostate and testicular cancers) and his main specialize is a new method of penis enlargement.

Dr. Hendrix  strives to treat each patient as an individual while also working to make healthcare better for the whole community.

News & Events

In May 2006 the Chinatown Health Clinic Foundation awarded DrHendrix  the Community Physician Award for his decades of “leadership and dedication towards improving the Micro Penis treating of men around USA.

Dr. Hendrix is the secretary for a 1000-physician American IPA, and he is active in the quality assurance and utilization review process for the physicians’ participation with various managed care insurance plans.

Dr. Hendrix was recently featured on an international TV show explaining evaluation and new treatments of Penis Enlargement.